GrayBan – Anti-Gray Solution for Men & Women

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GrayBan Product Features:

GrayBan combines with your hair’s natural protein to bolster melanin-like pigment back into your hair. Melanin starts to decrease as we age. Since Melanin is a pigment, the result of decreased melanin is gray hair. With each daily application, your hair becomes darker – gradually – until you regain the natural-looking color you desire.

Product Specifications

  • Uses the natural protein in hair to create malanin-like pigment, restoring your natural hair color *
  • Does not dye your hair
  • Contains no harsh chemicals
  • Contains no foul odors
  • Spray on daily; should see results in as little as 3 days *
  • Maintain as needed
  • Won’t damage hair, wash out, or rub off
  • Lends volume, bounce, and shine*
  • 8.0 oz. spray pump

How to Use

GrayBan works with the natural protein in hair to create melanin that gradually and naturally brings back your hair color. Just spray GrayBan on once a day for about 3 weeks, then maintain as needed. An added bonus is your hair’s increased volume bounce, and shine. GrayBan wont Damage hair wash out or rub off.



Common misspellings: grayban, grey ban, gray ban, gray or grey

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